Our Firm

Ashley Norman Associates has been providing Recovery & Skip Tracing and related services to a wide variety of clients since its start in New York State in 1985.

One of its founders, Frank Rabbito, has been in the collection business since 1972 and has seen the industry evolve from a relatively obscure and secretive niche business to one that has received much notariety over the passing decades.


In addtion to leading Ashley Norman Associates, Frank, in conjunction with Mary Kay developed a method to assist in the location of lost and stolen cellular devices. This venture starting in 2012 gives the ability to charitable organizations to raise funds using their newly created LocateURcell.com technology by receiving 75% of the gross proceeds off all sales attributed to their efforts. Take a minute to read about this venture published in the Naples Daily News Buisness Section by clicking the following link LocateURcell In The News.


The addtion of Mary Kay Norman as Vice President after our move to Naples, Florida has allowed us to add many ancillary servces not available with most other agencies which include cost effective and compliant telecommuncation methods, data storage, information appending services and other skip tracing services that are all  HIPAA compliant.

Our services are not provided to the general public.

Our secure web portal permits clients to submit new tasks as well as review current and previously completed ones 24/7 in a totally secure envioronment


If you would like to learn more about the many services we offer, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

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